With 26 articles published in print, I have covered a number of topics including politics, science, technology, film, history, sport and news ranging from local to international. I have also had the pleasure of interviewing Hollywood actor Faran Tahir, director Sophie Fiennes, French businesswoman Marie-Cecile Boulle, and a number of scientists and engineers, all for print publications.

Investigative journalism is one of my greatest passions. In January 2014 I spent a lot of time with Heinz Schumi, a Chelsea based council candidate, while investigating the selling of Royal Brompton Hospital land. I have also personally attended a number of unique martial arts classes including Chessboxing, Savate, and Bartitsu, earning myself some bruises and improved self-defence techniques so that I could write about them with full accuracy. In 2014 I also attended the EU Africa Summit and the G7 Summit in Brussels as a correspondent for Kensington and Chelsea Today. And most recently I interviewed professors and PhD students on some of the latest developments in programming, clean energy, water management and aerospace research for Flanders Today.

A portfolio of my articles published in print can be downloaded below. It has an interactive contents page and my articles have been highlighted for easy reading.

Daniel Shamaun Print Portfolio

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