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Under the Sea at Antwerp Aquarium

Antwerp has one of the best placed zoos imaginable, right behind the beautiful Antwerp Central station, and you can’t even hear the trains. In the zoo lies the newly refurbished aquarium, which contains the second largest coral reef tank in Europe. I was lucky enough to visit in April for an article with Flanders Today, just as the paint was drying and the pictures below were being taken. The article is available here (opens in new tab). Images below are © ZOO Antwerpen / Jonas Verhulst.


Antwerp Zoo can be followed at @zooantwerpen.

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Come2Dance: A Dance Class for People with Neuro-Degenerative Illnesses in Antwerp

In October I had the pleasure of interviewing Dirk Beckers and Sandy Kools, two of the most inspiring people that I have met in a long time. They have both suffered from Parkinson’s disease for ten years, and recently started the first dance class in the Antwerp region for people with neuro-degenerative illnesses. The class is called Come2Dance and is hosted by the Easy Moving dance studio, which also offers dance classes for people in wheelchairs. Together, Beckers and Kools overcame seemingly impassable bureaucratic barriers to get the class started, and their tale is one of determination, passion, and a positive attitude.

The effects of the class are wonderful to see, as it is clear that the simple movements and gradual progression help with coordination, and get people doing things that would normally be far more difficult. The dance instructor, Andreas Braaten, is a physiotherapist who has experience with Parkinson’s sufferers, which affords him better knowledge of their abilities and limitations. Come2Dance is also a great way to meet people that are going through, and understand, similar problems.

If you have a neuro-degenerative illness and live in or around the Antwerp region, or if you know anyone who does, this is definitely something that is worth a try.

For more information, my article on Come2Dance for Flanders Today can be read here, and take a look at the Easy Moving website here.

The classes are held at Menegemlei 30, 2100 Deurne, and the Easy Moving dance studio can be contacted at info@easymoving.be.

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Portfolio of Articles in Print Now Available

A Portfolio of my articles that have been published in print is now available for download here. The portfolio contains 26 articles published in Kensington and Chelsea Today (London, England) and Flanders Today (Flanders, Belgium). It has an interactive contents table for easy navigation, and articles have been picked out for easy reading.

If you would like a piece written for your publication, or if you would simply like to discuss any of the pieces in the portfolio, send a message to Daniel@slamcopy.com.

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Article on the Holy Family Parish for Flanders Today

The first SLAMcopy article commissioned by Flanders Today was posted online on 29 May 2014! It covers the Holy Family Parish in Antwerp, an English speaking Roman Catholic church, that welcomes people from all corners of the world. They have a modern approach to Mass, and a lively and vibrant congregation.

Read the article here: http://www.flanderstoday.eu/living/all-welcome-antwerps-only-english-speaking-mass

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