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Film and book reviews published on Misscliks.com!

Misscliks is a great website with a very positive aim; to uplift and promote women in the gaming industry and geek society. The industry in previous decades has been male dominated, and largely geared toward a male audience, but there is finally an online place for geeks and gamers with the idea of gender equality at its core.

I have the joy of being a member of the first group of writers for the website, and working on the Geek Culture section. I mostly write film and literature reviews, and my posts so far can be found below.

Film Reviews

Gravity Blu-Ray Review: http://www.misscliks.com/film-review-gravity-blu-ray/

Divergent Review: http://www.misscliks.com/film-review-divergent/

Snowpiercer Review: http://www.misscliks.com/film-review-snowpiercer-directed-by-bong-joon-ho/


Book Reviews:

Prince of Thorns: http://www.misscliks.com/book-review-prince-of-thorns/

The Fractal Prince: http://www.misscliks.com/sci-fi-book-review-the-fractal-prince-hannu-rajaniemi/

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